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Ready to go from

Unknown to UnstoppablE ?


Are you tired of being normal?
Ready to say goodbye to good is good enough?
To boring?
To cookie-cutter?
To living inauthentic?
And you’ve said HELL yea to living out your authentic purpose!
To going from unknown to unstoppable.
To being awesome.
To standing out.
Up leveling your personal brand.
To growing your business like heck yes.
To building an influential and impactful tribe.
You get to live out your calling, you get to create your tribe, you get to do what lights you up and get paid for it.
You’re ready.
Let's do this.


Create memorable personal brand and a profitable online business

From Unknown to Unstoppable is a transformational mastermind experience designed to help you nail your personal branding and position yourself an expert in your industry, as well as provide you with a step by step strategy for growing your digital empire.

Tired of hearing crickets? Of putting in work day after day and seeing minimal results in your business?

Of pretending to be confident, successful but in reality struggling behind the scenes and broke?



     ✓ To create and KNOW that your products and services can transform lives

    ✓ To be SO insanely passionate about what you do, but feeling completely stuck with how to move forward in your business

    ✓ To be doing ALL the “right” things to grow your business…. With nothing to show for it

     ✓ To feel insanely overwhelmed, anxious and desperate behind the scenes

     ✓ You know your stuff. You’re amazing at what you do. Yet you can’t seem to get sales in the door.

        This is where I come in.

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I help you finally break through the pattern keeping you broke and stuck so that you can FINALLY stand out among the noisy market, attract in sales, and make the money you CRAVE.


Before coaching with Zoë, I was lost about the strategy part around growing my online presence for maximum success. Zoë provided me with a strategy and implementation plan that brought complete clarity and allowed me to get my message in front of the right audience. In just 2 weeks, I had already booked 7 discovery calls and my following consistently grows by 500 each week.
— Lisa Downer, Career Success Coach


●      Discover and break through the limiting beliefs + fears that are keeping you stuck(essentially rewiring your mindset so you can step into the badass, confident version of YOU)

●      Learn the exact sales generating activities you’re currently NOT doing (or are too afraid to do) to bring SALES in easily and effortlessly 

●      Learn exactly what to post + what to say for attracting sales in your business on autopilot

●      Create a formula for attracting in high paying clients and customers consistently in your business



●      You are an online entrepreneur who has her business up + running but is nowhere NEAR where she wants to be (you REALLY want to be seeing $5K in your PayPal instead of $50)

●      You are passionate, driven, and have a fire inside of you to transform LIVES with your work

●      You are DONE spinning your wheels + struggling behind the scenes (working 10+ hour days and charging what you see other coaches are charging but STILL not getting in clients)

●      You KNOW you’re meant to be successful, but fear and self-sabotage keeps holding you back from moving forward (aka you’ve been waiting to create that new program + raise your prices for MONTHS… but you’re finding yourself in the same exact place you were 6 months ago)

●      You’re ready to stop playing small and waiting around to be successful while other coaches around you are making BANK

●      You’re ready to rise to the next level so you can finally live the life YOU design. Traveling, splurging on the Lulu’s, buying the organic salmon, whatever your heart desires.



●      How to have UNSTOPPABLE confidence in your business so you can keep moving forward despite obstacles and fear

●      How to stand out among the noisy market so your ideal clients KNOW you’re the MISSING KEY and are jumping out of their seats to hire you + pay in full

●      The exact tools you NEED in order to attract in PAYING clients and customers easily and organically (without slimy sales tactics that will never actually get you clients)

Introducing From Unknown to Unstoppable Mastermind event- MILAN, italy

Your engaging captions, a stylish feed and a complete visibility roadmap, plus your beautiful, brilliant and loyal tribe…!

This is for you if you are looking to transform your brand, create an influential audience of potential clients and customers, increase leads to your business and stand out with a powerful cohesive authentic online presence and start making REAL MONEY in your business instead of just having an expensive hobby, you start seeing results NOW.

3 Day Event to create your brand story, share your voice and spread your message with the world in a bigger way, plus get paid to live your purpose, you step into your authentic brand style and leave with photos that share your true personality and voice. 

Day 1

9:00am -1pm
Live Business and Personal Branding Workshop Trainings
1pm - Lunch Break
Live Business and Personal Branding Workshop Trainings
6:00pm Champagne Happy Hour!

Day 2

Personal shopping with professional Stylist - you will have 5-7 pieces selected FOR and Your Upleveled wardrobe. *An option to style from your existing pieces in your closet is also available.
We will style.
We will dance.
We will get get your personal brand to the next level queen that you are.

Professional Photoshoot *makeup optional* We will capture the essence of you that we have unleashed. Photos for social media or your website galore! 

Day 3

Professional Photoshoot

We will have Personal Brand Passions to Profit Pack as pre-work, getting ready to CREATE your UpLeveled Personal Brand, Shoot, Style and 'Gram.

I will talk to you. And help bring into existence your next level YOU.

Let’s get it, my love. You’re ready for this.

You say yes to abundance.
Yes to standing out.
Yes to bringing in that next level.

And YES TO HAVING FUN WHILE building a DREAM influential impactful STAND out brand and tribe!!! Click link to apply.

Investment $6000 (includes Mastermind and Live Event In Milan, Italy, Lodging for Event, Photoshoot, and Styling) 

The first 4 to sign up receive another BONUS! A free 1:1 coaching call.
I want to make sure that you’re a perfect match for this program and will be incredibly successful. If we are a perfect fit, you’ll be contacted for the next steps to sign up!

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"Zoë helped me take my brand to the next level, i’ve seen a 700% increase in my audience size. Now knowing how easy it can be to grow my audience and connect with potential clients, I just wish I started working with Zoë sooner!"


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"Zoë really helped us grow our brand internationally. She created targeted strategies to attract followers that were actively looking for mind-health services from across the world. We gained 20,000 followers for 2 businesses in 4 months. During this time our audience grew by 1000 followers in 24 hours. And when we launched our webinar, we had 98 email signups in a single hour. I now have a global brand reaching people around the world and am booking new partnerships and collaborations to expand further.”


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“My following has grown from almost zero to 1500 in one short month with growing engagements and discovery calls! "Before I worked with Zoe, I was an Instagram idiot. Now I am so loving Instagram because it is so much fun!!! Wish I had started 6 months ago !! My following has grown from almost zero to 1500 in one short month with growing engagements and discovery calls! Zoe has shown me many strategies in Instagram that are both practical and fun. The best part about working with Zoe is she is hands-on and is always available to assist in all my questions which are many! It's been really a joy working with her. One of the best coaches I have ever worked with! Practical, patient, sweet, fun, super helpful with really tons of ideas that she personally will hand hold you if you ever need help. I would highly recommend Zoe if you are ever considering to work with her !!”